Friday, October 28, 2005

Hard to believe

Today I went down to Long Beach and Pass Christian. Both towns are located on the beach, mostly retirement communities and both have been annihilated. The ONLY thing standing for several blocks are the trees and an occasional house structure. I took a picture of myself sitting in one of those bolted down chairs that they have "inside" McDonalds, except the only thing left of MickyDs is the chairs and the concert slab...and the frame of the McDonalds sign.

John Robinson, who is one of the heads of PDA is here and toured that area yesterday. During this past year he has also spent considerable time in the Tsunami devastated areas of Indonesia and Sri Lanka. His comment, upon reflecting on the damage that he saw here was that this area is no more pulverized than the Tsunami EXCEPT that these folks had 2+ days warning to get out. The Tsunami came without a blink...I can't imagine what the carnage would have been like if not for the days of warning and preparation.

In the midst I need to remember the beauty and not only focus on the carnage. I hope you can take time today to see the beauty...a sunset or sunrise, drive by the beach, go surfing, take a bike ride...get out and enjoy God's creation.

Tomorrow I'm heading over to the PDA camp in Gautier, MS to be the temporary camp manager for the weekend. I should be back to Orange Grove on Monday.

Happy Friday!


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