Thursday, November 17, 2005

Finely feeling like Fall

A few days ago, I was having a hard time getting my mind around the idea that Thanksgiving is coming next week. It's been humid and in the 80s down here on the Gulf Coast. At least it was until Tuesday night. In about 5 minutes the temperature dropped by 30 degrees. Last night we were a little above freezing. We have about 100 people here this week who have moved in to the office area and the sanctuary to sleep. They are crowded but sleeping warm.

Yesterday I went out with some high-spirited canadians to deliver sleeping bags to the folks in East Biloxi because it was expected to be so cold. We gave out 20 in about 5 minutes. More are being distributed today as the temp hovers around 30 degrees.

I met a girl in her 20 from Michagan when I started down here. Here name is Megan and her boyfriend came down a few days after the storm to help out. She has done most of the work of organizing the East Biloxi Coordination and Relief center...over 1500 interviews with residents, coordinating the work of 30 organizations and everything else under the sun. She set up a tent on a vacant lot and that's where she has spent the night for the past 10 weeks. She's incredible and I am grateful she is here.

I am leaving in 2 days but many are staying and many more are coming still. I am so thankful for those who have given up much in the hopes of bringing Hope out of Chaos.


Anonymous Kristie Vosper said...

Hey there, it was such an amazing week with you and the whole team. I'm having a hard time finding the words to anwswer the ever-popular question "how was it?" or "what was it like?" My response of "overwheming-good-sad-and you need to come down with me next time" is working.

I hope your trip home was good...and that you are processing these last weeks with some sleep and good movies. You are loved and appreciated! Hope to keep in touch!

Kristie Vosper
Burbank, California

7:01 PM  

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