Saturday, November 12, 2005

The start of my last week

This is Saturday and the start of my last week. I'll be transitioning out next Saturday to return to California and see many of you who are reading this blog. For that, I am excited. The pace of the past month has been pretty quick. I'm on from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm. My only down time is driving from place to place. I'm looking forward to a leasurly sleep in morning, long bike ride and big breakfast when I come back.

This morning I sent a team of high school students from Flordia to a home to clean it out and take it down to the studs. When they got there they called me because it was completely full of furnishings, clothes, shoes, books, you name it. They wanted to know where they should put the response was, "On the street". So hard to say. Once it's on the streets, frontend loaders will come and start halling it away and those items will be gone forever. They've got a big job ahead of them.

We have groups traveling in this week from Ontario, Canada, New Jersey, Cincinnati (2nd group), North Carolina, and BelAir, CA. More work will continue to be done. I saw the sign posted in the coordination center that over 300 houses had been cleaned out and there are 270 for you and your friends to do! We are going to start having teams do mold abatement starting soon. Rebuilding teams will start coming in mass after the first of the year.

Speaking of which...I'm coming back here with a group from CPC (college students and adults) January 2-8. Want to come?

Do you know people who are in the, roofers, tree workers, electricians or plumbers? We can really use them down here if you do. Thanks for keeping your eyes out for them.

Please continue to think and pray for the the people of the Gulf coast. It's bad down here...real bad.


Blogger Katie said...

im WAY excited to have you come back home! but im also glad that you are there helping others. you are awesome! i miss you lots....come home safe

7:18 PM  

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